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How To Help Strengthen Nails

Diet is a good place to start, diets that are rich in essential fatty acids and well balanced are great for encourage the nail, hair to grow.

Supplements’ for nails are available from health food shops and can even be taken by vegans and vegetarians (always read the packet and seek advice before taking any supplement. Ask your GP).

To prevent weakness and breakages try to wear gloves when coming in to contact with chemical such as doing the washing up. Also avoid longer periods of water such as really hot baths as this temporarily makes nails soft and therefore more likely to break for an hour afterwards.

Shape the nails regularly to avoid shape edges that may be caught in garments and being ripped. Massaging the cuticles also help stimulate growth as it encourage the stimulation of the follicles.

Applying a strengthen polish will also be beneficial. As this acts as an extra protective layer, go for one that says strengthen and helps to repair. There are plenty out there on the market especially in beauty salons and main shopping stores so go and ask about the best product to see what can help you.

Using and hand and nail creams believe it or not can also protect and help the stimulation of improved growth apply 3 times daily using rotary movements. It will also improve the appearance of the hands on the skin making it look smooth and prevent ageing.

Try to avoid access use of swimming baths if this cannot be prevented apply a cream after your session such ass a hard wearing nail cream this will prevent them drying and becoming brittle.